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"There is nothing more rewarding than taking our client's vision and transforming it into a tangible reality" -DPC Team

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Product Development
Product Development
& Industrial Design

Whether you have a concept for a consumer product or need a custom device made for your industry, we are here to help.

Prototype Manufacturing
Prototype Manufacturing

Already have a design, only need to make a physical model or prototype? DPC can help!

3D Printing Services
On Demand
3D Printing

Get instant online access to 3D printing. Send us your pre-made 3D model or we can help you create one.

product design process
We have a plan,
even if you don't

New to prototyping a product or not sure what you need? No problem. We’ll guide you through the entire process.

Functional & Presentation Prototypes
Functional & Presentation Prototypes

Whether you need a one-off or a short run of products, we can provide cost-effective, time-conscious prototyping services.

Technical & Patent Drawings
Technical Drawings & Illustrations

Need to visually communicate how something functions or is constructed? We've got you.

Product Design Consultation

Get started with your free 30 minute project consultation

Frequently asked questions

  • DPC is experienced in creating consumer products and commercial devices, serving the construction, medical, tech, and service industries. From electronic devices, mechanical devices to simple widgets, we can help.
  • A few categories we cannot assist in are clothing and textiles, food and beverages development, plush toys, or website or app design.
  • Please contact us for further information and to see if we are the right fit for your project’s needs.
  • Drawings are by no means required! Many times our clients are not quite sure what the device is going to look like. We will work with you through the entire design process. If you already have a concept sketch, required dimensions, similar product, etc, they are helpful when collaborating on your project.
  • At DPC, we have the resources to create small batch production runs for many products.
  • Even if you just need a limited number of items made, we can utilize technologies including 3D printing, CNC and resin casting to make quality products, affordably, in small quantities.
  • Pricing varies significantly bases upon the complexity and nature of the project.
  • We can create a package that fits your specific budget, timeline and criteria.
  • One of the founding principals of DPC is to offer quality, affordable product design and prototyping services for our clients.
  • Do not let the lack of upfront capital discourage you. There are many funding opportunities from investors to crowdsourcing platforms to raise any needed capital for your project.

We are your catalyst in all product design endeavors

About DPC

DPC was founded by two aspiring engineers with a passion for product development. DPC's mission is simple; take our client's vision and transform it into a tangible reality. Through dedication, a scientific approach and cutting edge tech, DPC is the catalyst your project needs to succeed.